can you talk a little bit more about how to use the replays you mention?

I used all free methods for everything. Most all webinar programs will record the webinar for you. Meeting burner also has a “upload to YouTube” option right after you are done.

With gotowebinar, once it is rendered, you can download the file then upload to YouTube for free. Once uploaded, I embed the video on my blog. Emailed the people who had signed up for the original webinar that it would be taken down by Monday.

Then Tuesday morning I just deleted the post, or rather, changed it to say “this offer is now closed”. Technically you could then drive traffic to the recording and sell it over and over again. The only thing I will tell you is that LIVE always converts better.

But you will make sales with the recording if you are great at driving traffic too. Also, if you create your webinar filled with value like the way I teach, you can easily clip off the pitch section, break up the video into 4 – 15 minute sections and SELL it as your front end product, then send them to the pitch video later after they have had a chance to go through the course.