Craigslist search advice

Question sent in:

“I’m not totally up on how to use Craigslist and from your video, I’m taking it that putting the minus sign before your keyword leaves out those listings with that keyword in it. Do you have a place you recommend to learn about how to use craigslist as far as searches?”



Yes, that is right, the minus sign before the word removes all ads with that word in it. I have just been building my list as I go. Example: I do a search and everything is coming up as mobile homes, then I put in -”mobile homes” in the search box.

But it is not perfect, because you have to try to predict ALL instances of the word. So if someone has in the body of the post “Call me 555-555-5555 mobile Home 555-555-5556″ it will pick up the mobile home in the text and not show you that listing.

Another example: I didn’t want vacant lots, so I put the word “vacant”… well then that will remove all listings where the property is currently VACANT… OUR BEST LEADS! So… honestly, now I am really taking the time to just go through ALL listings. More time consuming… but I am not overlooking any red-hot leads anymore