Do you have advice on price points?

If it is your own product or service, I say no less than $97. Offer whatever you think will be the biggest value to someone. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer. Think as if you were them.

Think what would be the ultimate result they would want. Think what would YOU be most likely to pay to have? I can be e book, coaching, weekly group coaching calls via private Google hangouts, affiliate product (you don’t even have to deliver the coaching or product.

Sell someone else’s)email coaching, membership site, Skype coaching, teleconference calls… whatever you feel is the best way to help them get the promise you have made for them.

The goal is always to provide so much value that the price is irrelevant. It is not $97 for an ebook. It is $97 for the result that you promise. Would you pay $97 for a book if you knew it would save your marriage, keep you from losing your home, cure a chronic health condition, help you pass an exam for a college degree, etc?

In my real estate course I teach you a business model you could use for the rest of your life. Yeah the promise is $10,000 quickly, but for the person who takes action, the potential is limitless if they do this for the next 20 years, right?

As I show in the outline in module 1, I NEVER create the product first anymore… until I have proven people will buy it. Nothing more discouraging than spending your time and money to create something only to have no one want it.

That is why your first one should be done exactly how I did it in these case studies. Look at my first example: I could have spent WEEKS creating that program. Then no one buys it and I am crushed and feel like giving up. Prove the market first.