Going over the phone messaging setup

Question sent in was:

“So¬†your Google # is your primary number, your text number and the one you list in Slydail.

In Slydail you have your first pitch message.

You forward your Google # to Skype where you have your follow up message when they return your call.
You send text messages from you Google #.

Is this correct and/or are there any other parts to the phone puzzle?

Also on your Google #, does it make any difference what area code your using when working in a different city or state? Or should I get a matching area code for each city?”


Sounds about right. At first I was using my skype # but if I wanted to text it was a different number. So yes, NOW, my Google voice number is the primary… which happens to be a Maryland number. I got a local number at first via skype more as a preference. I can’t show any hard and fast stats to show that it really makes any difference at all.