How are offers sent


Hi James- you mention sending offers but I’m not clear on how that’s done. Is this verbal at first followed up by a contract? How does this work. Thanks!

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-reply from skype group-

You would email, or fax your offer usually after you have at least spoken with them.. or otherwise communicated. Could be email, phone call etc. You can start of with a verbal offer too. I found that not as successful as them actually staring at a contract

My guess is it feels more real. Like all they have to do is sign it and it is a done deal. Where as just a voicemail, they have to call you back, say yes, then ask “ok, now what”

99% of the time I email an actual contract. I rarely.. if ever do a verbal or email offer

even if on the phone and they give me a high asking price, I will ask “is that the best you can do. Or is that that least you will take” so .. even if I know we are off, say they are asking $100k, I will not say that on the phone. After we hang up I will just email my actual contract for $75k (for example) and wait to hear back from them and move on to the next one

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