How do you know your audience?

This is a great question. I will also address this more on the Q and A Call in the course.

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The reason why I did not going so much into niche selection is because this is a major stopping point for most people. That is why there are so many products trying to teach it. That is why I set the system up like this – no amount of research will be better than just getting it done.

I am guilty of spending weeks to months on “market research” hoping to choose the perfect niche.. and STILL get it wrong. But now, I have an idea I THINK might be good, I set up a one line landing page and send traffic to it. I let the numbers tell me if it is a good niche or not. If you send 500 visitors and only 5 people sign up, then it may need some work.

But if you send 500 and 250 register, then you know you have a winner. I would rather you just pick a topic in 30 minutes and run with it then spending days or weeks on research. Sure I have a few methods I use to double check if these are viable topics (which I will go over live) like checking if there are already similar products selling, forums, yahoo answers, clickbank, Amazon etc, but for the first 2 webinars I just thought about what I personally have paid money for, which means If I paid money to learn it then others will likely do the same.