How much do we plan on investing in services to find a deal?

My costs are currently WELL under $2k. Actually, not even close. Maybe $250 but that is mostly between buying webharvy and renewing Cubix. Slybroadcast was $60 for 1000 voicemails.

For instance.. say I am planning on sending 1000 postcards, that would cost me under $500. I have every belief that out of 1000 postcards there are AT LEAST 5+ deals that will come from that with an average of $5,000 – $15,000 per deal over the life of them. The return on investment with this method is insane. I have NEVER lost money doing wholesaling. I HAVE however lost money with my rentals and rehabs. That is 100% truth!

(All of this can still be done manually though at no cost using free tools. You can use Slydial for free and make the calls one by one. You can search Craigslist for free. Those methods work fine but require more of your time, so it’s a question of what can you afford at the moment).