I don’t know anything people would pay 97.00 for, what can I do?

Try to suspend that way of thinking.. at least for now. Just because you personally would not pay that much for does not mean that someone else would not.

I like using my dad for an example, but last summer he had a broken sprinkler in his yard. So he grass was dying because it would just flood if he turned it on. He called a repair guy and he was quoted something like $85 to fix it.

When my dad told me I told him to call and cancel and I rushed over there. To my dad, that was cheap because he has no idea how to fix it and $85 was worth it to save his lawn.

But to me, I know I can get a new sprinkler head and pipe for about $4.50 so I would NEVER pay that. But someone will. Otherwise all sprinkler repair men would go out of business. I hope you get my point. Give it a go before you dismiss your ideas