I have created a Facebook ad and while it has gotten some clicks no one has signed up for my webinar yet, can you help?

Depends on how much is “some clicks”. If we are talking 50 I would say not enough to give a good reading yet. If it was 2000 then I would say you definitely need to tweak some things.

Some of my BEST campaigns using Facebook ads convert at 0.5% Meaning you need about 200 clicks to get one sale total. But it all depends on the market and your potential income per sale.

With my event I know I didn’t have more than a few hundred invited. I only had one day to do it so that was all time allowed. And only 53 registered and only 10 showed up. But I just had another student tell me he has added over 1400 in a single day before Google blocked them and said they were at the limit.

I don’t think anyone quite knows exactly the number Google has set.. or if it is even the same for everyone. Sorry not more help on that one.