I want to help local marketing clients use social media marketing to attract more leads, what do you think?

I could offer any advice it would be this: Most (and I am using that loosely) business owners KNOW that they NEED this stuff, just are too busy with their day to day operations that it is sometimes hard for them to see the immediate value of spending the time to learn this stuff.

However, most business owners already anticipate a “cost” to run the business, as well as advertising. So if they can see the IMMEDIATE value in what they will gain… they will be more than happy to just pay someone to do it for them.

I would test selling the training, and give an option for a much higher priced service. Something where you basically do this for them. You could even offer something monthly where you manage their campaigns for them. You could charge a higher price and have LESS clients. Just a thought I think you could consider.

And as far as pricing, whatever makes it worth your time.. and still a great value for the client. Find that intersection.