I’m stuck trying to figure out a product creation idea. What do I do?

You would be surprised with what people will by. We definitely need to chat. Join the skype group and together we will help you find a topic. I think you are thinking too hard about it.

Also, read some of the other comments on this page as this is a very common sticking point and some of the other ideas mentioned may help spark something. Also we covered this in the live Q and A.

That can be found here: http://thisstuffreallyworks.mindwarriorforum.com/bonus-live-q-and-a/


Additional comments on being stuck on product creation-

1. Most of the time the delay in picking a topic is the fear of picking the wrong one. But you should not have a fear of that… you should now have a healthy fear of months of time wasted without any results. Think about it. In those years trying to think of a niche, how many topics could you have tried and even failed at? In a year you could successfully fully attempt 50+. 49 could have been terrible and only ONE any good and you STILL would be a bit further along than still researching to try to figure out the right one. There is no right one that is for everybody.

2. You say you “wish” you had expertise in ______” That is one of the BEST markets to go into – ones that you have a desire to learn for yourself. What is anyones course besides a summary of what they have learned? Want expertise in something… take a week and learn all you can about a topic, then put together your training summarizing what you learned.

If you wanted to put together a real estate course you could do it in a week if you TRULY wanted to. Couldn’t you pick ONE tiny small section or sub-sub category of real estate, spend the next 7 days devouring just that subject. I mean watching videos, reading books, researching online or even getting other products on the subject.. until you learn that subject inside and out? If you did that you would already be ahead of 75% of your market. You don’t need to be the expert. You just need to know more than the audience you are presenting to.

Take 15 minutes and decide .. RIGHT NOW… what you want to become and expert in… and that is your niche. If you test it for a week or two and don’t get the results you want… well heck, you are only out 2 weeks. Not a year. Scrap it and try another.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Like with my real estate course… I would have NEVER thought I could sell … what SEEMED like common knowledge to me because I had been doing it for so long. I didn’t even know that the average person has no idea what “wholesaling” even is.

Just like there are many people who don’t have a clue what a WSO is. Or SEO, or PPC, or CPC or BDSM or any other acronym I can throw at you that is likely common knowledge to you. What do you know inside and out? What could you talk about for an hour easily without even taking a breath?

What is your “thing”! What is something you already do especially well. Or even sleightly above average. You don’t have to be the pro. Just better than average.

We ALL have our own personal skill sets. Things that only we can do like no other. That’s what makes us unique. Share that. If you were on a first date and you were going for the “big gun” to really impress your partner… what is something amazing you have accomplished that would make an awesome story?

And if all that fails… you can watch the “Idea Generation” bonus. Give yourself one more hour and you must decide… then move on to the next section. Ready……………………….. GO!