Is it true that you can make 10k in 60 days from real estate? What about those that can’t- do we have to lie?

NEVER EVER EVER LIE!!!!! They will eventually find out anyway. It is just not a good way to build a business! Yes, you can actually make far more than $10k in Real estate in 60 days. My fastest and best one was about $23,000 in just under 3 weeks on one deal.

But that is just ONE amazing thing. We can ALL do amazing things that seem normal to us. Like I mentioned in the video, if you know how to install wordpress and build a website you can do amazing things.

Just the other day my dad took a rather large video of the grandkids at a big birthday celebration on his cell phone that he wanted to send to a family member back east and could not email it because the file was too large. He was so disappointed because he really wanted to share it and did not know of any other options.

Well in about 5 minutes I uploaded the video to a cloud based file sharing site (I use, uploaded it to youtube AND converted it to DVD and burned him a copy. I do that all day long so I didn’t even have to think about it… but my father was absolutely blown away and has since told that story to everyone he has talked to in the last week lol. The moral: YOU ARE AMAZING! Share you gifts. You have them whether you know it or not