I’ve decided on the weight loss niche- I think I can sell it cheap, but I’m worried I can’t do a webinar, can you give me some advice?

First, remove the belief that you have to sell it so cheap. Why not $27? $47 or even $97? If you don’t value what your product, neither will they. Isn’t life altering fitness advice worth more than $10??? So if it were $47 you would only need 4-6 sales to hit your goal. Sounds a bit more achievable, yes?

Second, you don’t need ANY tech skills for a webinar. 1. You could use a free google hangout. You don’t need a webcam or anything else if you dont want to. You just click start and people will see your profile picture and hear your voice.

If you wanted to have a few slides you could use the free Google docs drive and do a slideshow. If you just wanted to walk through a few websites, you can even do a simple screen share via the hangout. And if you STILL don’t want to do that..

You can use something like freeconferencecall.com and do a teleconference and just talk. That works too. Yes, the goal is to spend less time “deciding” what to do and more time doing. You actual results from actions will always give you more feedback than any preparing ever will.