Quality vs Quantity in solo ads

A member submitted this link to an article about solo ads here:

Interesting thread to read  http://www.safe-swaps.com/forum/main/most-of-you-have-been-trained-wrong


Comment by Daniel from course:

That IS a good ‘read’, Gary — thanks for posting that.

What can I say, except that I’ve seen a lot of the things he talks about in there as ‘bad’ — they have become fairly common practice. I use a rotator and put ‘bonus’ links myself when doing these things (click-banking, swapping), but don’t think of them as spammy.

I certainly will not argue with him — he knows what he’s talking about and has been doing it for longer than I have. But I believe a lot of poor business practices come out of doing just as he describes — ‘get that click at all costs’.

Yes, we want to get the click, but when I get emails that are blatant lies and have nothing to do with the offer a customer is running (“Your account is in danger — click here!”, and the like) — ugh. Gives everybody in this business a bad name.