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Hi Coach,
I have your “This stuff really works” 1.0 course and I am preparing to schedule a webinar. I’d like to get your opinion please. As you know, I am in the self help/LOA niche and I am particularly skilled in using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). I tried to learn from your 1st webinar mistake and try to choose a topic that is more likely to produce a tangible result.

As you know EFT works on a lot of issues but I have tried to find something that I think will produce that tangible result. I didn’t want to pick issues like panic attacks because although I can certainly help someone get rid of them, I am not a licensed health care professional and if someone were to have a panic reaction and not do well by doing EFT their self at home without me being there to assist it could put me in a potential liability situation so I decided I was best to steer away from medical problems per se.

What I came up with is doing a webinar on the “Fear of Public Speaking” with me offering a coaching program at the end to help them get rid of that fear. I have done some google research and it appears that people are searching for that term and there are plenty of people advertising on the right side of the page.

Still, I kind of wonder how many folks I might really attract with that niche. So here’s my question. Sorry for the long intro!! Do you think I am better served to go ahead and try doing a webinar for this specific problem or should I consider doing a webinar for alleviating fears of all kinds (such as spiders, snakes, flying, dentists etc) in order to potentially draw more prospects? Or would that dilute the whole affect by making it not specific enough to draw people?

Or should I pick another niche altogether to use EFT for?

Thanks for your advice coach! BTW, congrats to you and your new wife! I hope you all had a great honeymoon my friend!

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Great question Jim.

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