What if I don’t have proof that I’m an expert?

When you don’t have physical proof you can always use statistics.

With the real estate: did you know that more millionaires have been made through real estate investing than any other business around? Including movie stars, professional sports and the stock market combined.

Weight loss: Statistics show that by actually eating MORE per day with multiple meals you will increase your metabolism by as much as .4% a day.

Also, if the message is compelling enough it will just “make” sense to the viewer. I mean, did I show you any pictures of me flashing cash or photoshopped clickbank commissions proving that what I am sharing here will actually work?

And when you watch my case study webinar, you will notice I did not show one single ounce of “physical” proof that money could be made during the entire presentation. The proof was implied from the lesson.

That is the power that comes from actually teaching during your presentation rather than trying to sell – Authority and trust is given by default. So, yes you can move forward without any physical proof in your offer. Get creative.