Where did you get the info on setting up your membership site?

The one thing I got going for me is I am thorough and resourceful when it come to researching something new. Like learning a “good enough” amount of powerpoint in 2 days. I had been blogging for a few years so I already knew how to embed a YouTube video in a post.

You click share at the bottom then copy the code. The membership site is the exact same thing. While everyone on the warriorforum swears by optimize press and wishlist member for membership sites, I purchased it and after 5 hours of trying to figure it out I went with a more simple approach.

I like speed lol ( I hope you are starting to see a theme here) This site is built on a basic FREE wordpress theme that I really liked. The part that handles the membership is a simple plugin. I could create a new one in 10 minutes now. Sure it’s not as pretty as some of those fancy sites I am a member of… but a great and wise man once told me “content outclasses the flaws”.